All My Identities


Reflection about individual’s current identity/identities and explaining theoretical background about different factors that influence individual’s identity (environment, heredity, and personal activity).


TARGET GROUP: Teenagers and young adults

TIME NEEDED: 60 minutes

Guided individual work: Biography Exercise – Which Groups do I belong to? (30 min)

Each participant individually explores through guided biographical exercise to which groups he/she belongs and how important they are for him/her.

Each participant writes on their own blank paper.

Questions and tasks for guided individual work:

Which groups do I belong to? Make a list of all activities I attend, all circles that I belong to, all my group of friends, hobbies, places of residence, which religion I belong, what is my nationality.

On the other sheet of paper, the participants then make a collage of identities that are most important to them:

Which are essential for me? Which are in my personal centre? Which are less important?

For a collage they should have different range of old magazines, newspapers and other source material available.


Reflection in pairs (10 min)

In pairs, the participants exchange reflections of what was happening to them and what they have learned about themselves.


Group sharing (10 min)

Group discussion and sharing of key findings.

Theoretical background Explanation: Three key factors that influence our personality (10 min)

The trainers explain that the three key factors that shape an individual are heredity, the environment and individual’s own activity. After that they briefly explain each of those factors.


  • background music,
  • white paper (A4),
  • pencils or/and pens,
  • scissors,
  • glues or adhesive tapes,
  • old magazines, journals, advertisements, catalogues,
  • optional: crayons, colour pencils, markers etc.


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