The Mentor’s Toolbox

In this toolbox, you can find diverse methods to support young people in career and life decisions. Check them out and find the one you can use to respond to the needs of the youth you are working with.

Multiple Intelligence

Multiple intelligences theory challenges the common understanding of “being intelligent”.

TIME: 45 minutes

Auction of Values

The method aims to increase self-knowledge, self-reflection, and awareness of values and norms.

TIME: 45 minutes

The Wheel of Life

It is a simple but powerful tool that helps you to get a “bird’s eye” view of your life.

TIME: 1 hour

Open Space Technology

The process allows groups to operate with high levels of dialogue, passion and commitment.

TIME: Few hours/days

Walk and Talk

The method provokes increased brain activity in both hemispheres (by simultaneously walking and talking).

TIME: 35 minutes

Trust Circle

The method helps us to visualize the quality of our relationships and connections.

TIME: 30 minutes

Identity Collage

The method helps us explore different aspects of our identity in a creative matter using a collage.

TIME: 1 hour

Dilts Pyramid

Dilts pyramid is a concept that helps an individual understand the connection between different levels of their personality.

TIME: 1,5 hours

Searching for Personal Calling

By changing the focus from the outside world to the inner world, participants gain insight into themselves.

TIME: 70 minutes

What is My Center?

Discovering participants’ inner center and finding out what is their personal calling – what is their current mission in their lives.

TIME: 1,5 hours

What is Competence?

Participants understand the concept of competencies and try to name some of their key competencies.

TIME: 1,5 hours

What Does Success Mean?

Becoming aware of what success means and recognising when success has been achieved.

TIME: 2-4 hours


We use the SMART goals method for discussing career orientation goals.

TIME: 1 hour

Johari Window

A tool for illustrating and improving self-awareness and mutual understanding between individuals.

TIME: 30 minutes

Framed in Time

Participants reflect on their daily routines and time management which contributes toward their self-awareness.

TIME: 55 minutes

Family Tree with Professions

Introduction to career orientation and the question of how family history influences a person’s choices.

TIME: 55 minutes

Easter Eggs Factory

Compare two different learning and self-management styles through a game and learn how to increase productivity.

TIME: 1 hour

Hero’s Journey

Reflection about an individual’s past life experiences.

TIME: 90 minutes

All My Identities

Reflection about individual’s current identity and explaining theoretical background about it.

TIME: 60 minutes

That’s me!

Self-awareness with a component of the theatre of oppressed and gestalt theatre.

TIME: 45-90 minutes

GROW model

Simple and powerful coaching method that supports youth in setting a life or career goal and committing to concrete action.

TIME: 45-90 minutes

River of Life

An artistic method to reflect on details about a specific life journey or experience over time using the visual metaphor of a river.

TIME: 45-90 minutes

Elevator pitch

Briefly describe an idea, product, or oneself and why they would be productive within a company or project.

TIME: min. 30 minutes

Visual explorer

Activity that helps participants to explore themselves creatively while showing the importance of powerful questions.

TIME: min. 45 minutes

Big Five

Through the test and the reflection, we can explore our character on a deeper level.

TIME: 2 hours

Rewriting Myself

Reflect on your stories and step into the shoes of the protagonists.

TIME: min. 75 minutes

Personal Business Model

Making the first step towards employment or changes in your career path.

TIME: min. 45 minutes

Living Library

Meet experienced people according to a particular topic.

TIME: 1-2 hours

SWOT Assessment

Establish the subject’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

TIME: 30 minutes

Role Play Game

In which roles do we feel more comfortable?

TIME: 5 days

The Game of Life

Design a board game to illustrate one of your life dreams.

TIME: ~30 minutes

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