Decisions: obstacle on the way of making a step forward


Participants try to consider future discussions through the perspective of opportunities for articulating their identity.



Teenagers and young adults


1,5 hours


Introduction (5 min)

Career orientation is a path with many crossroads. On every crossroad, there is a decision to be made. Further education, taking extra classes, attending scout camp etc. – these all are vital decisions.

How can an individual face their difficult decisions and learn from them?

Video (15 min)

Look at the video: Ruth Chang: How to make hard choices?

Debriefing of the video (25 min)

Possible starting questions:

  • What do you remember from the video? Maybe just 1 sentence?
  • What is the speaker’s main advice for facing hard choices? Can you tell it in your own words?
  • Can a big decision really be an opportunity for articulating your identity?

A, B, none or both? (35 min)

Participants work in pairs.

Every individual chooses a “big decision” they have to deal with in the near future. The decision should have at least 2 options: A and B.

In individual processes, they visualize both options:

  • How would life look and feel if “A” happened?
  • How would life look and feel if “B” happened?
  • How would it look and feel if “A” and “B” happened? Think creatively?
  • Is it possible to not do “A” or “B”? What would that look and feel like?

Participants tell each other about the dilemmas and all 4 possible outcomes. They support each other in researching options deeper.

15 minutes for each direction; 5 minutes for setup and closing.

Debriefing (10 min)

Final debriefing of exercise. Possible questions:

  • What is it that makes my decision difficult?
  • What could I do to make it less difficult?
  • Do you usually see only A and B or also other possibilities?


  • Internet connection,
  • computer,
  • video projector.


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