Elevator pitch


To shortly describe an idea, product, or oneself in a way that the description explains one’s skills and goals and why they would be a productive and beneficial person to have on a team or within a company or project.


TARGET GROUP: At least 15 years.

TIME NEEDED: Minimum 30 minutes.

  • Step 1 (10 min): Shortly present the idea of an elevator pitch
  • Step 2 (20 min): Participants prepare their elevator pitches. We invite them to use various mediums (they can film a video, write a pitch, present a visual aid to support the pitch, or generate a PPT presentation) that will best support the pitch.

Optional :

  • Step 3 (15 min): Participants divide into groups and present their pitches.


  • Templates for an elevator pitch,
  • if possible: prepare an example.

You can use the different versions found online. We invite you to use the activity “Pitch Yourself” and worksheets created by the Cities of learning network (LINK).


No known author, but legend has it that it was elevator pioneer Elisha Otis himself that gave "the first elevator pitch."
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