Searching for Personal Calling


Through changing the focus from the outside world to the inner world participants gain insight about themselves – what motivates them, what excites them. This way they make slow progression toward contemplation about their core/ inner center.



Teenagers and young adults


70 minutes


Where are we today? (10 min)

A short explanation of the process for today.

Exercise: 20 things (30 min)

The trainers prepare 4 working stations in corners of the room (each with one question mentioned below).

Each participant is invited to grab an A4 white paper and a pen/pencil and to go “on a journey” in all 4 corners. They should visit all stations/corners, but it doesn’t matter in what order. They should write their answers down on their paper.

They have 7 minutes at each working station.

Participants divide the paper into 4 squares. In each square, they make a different list of things.

Tasks at the working stations:

  • 1st square: List of 5 things that make me happy.
  • 2nd square: List of 5 things that I enjoy doing.
  • 3rd square: List of 5 things that I am really interested in. It doesn’t matter if I currently partake in them yet.
  • 4th square: List of 5 things that I would like to do if I only had 5 years.

Small group sharing and discussion (15 min)

In small groups, participants talk about their “things”.

They form the group at the last station they stayed at.

Conversation starters:

  • Was it hard to find those 20 things?
  • Are there too few or too many things they wanted to put on the list?

Group sharing and discussion about both exercises (15 min)

Debriefing about both exercises and sharing in small groups.


  • Background music,
  • white paper (A4),
  • pencils or/and pens.


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