Auction of Values


To increase self-knowledge, self-reflection, awareness of values and norms.



Teenagers and young adults


45 minutes


The own values, norms and life goals are an important part of self-knowledge. The knowledge about them enables a concrete goal in and for life and provides intrinsic motivation for commitment as well as for setting SMART goals. We can build this knowledge through the following activity.

In the large group, possible life goals or values and norms are collected together. This collection is expanded by a prepared list and displayed visually as a completed list or on moderation cards. From the complete list, the group agrees on about 20 terms, which are later auctioned off. The participants form small groups (approx. 4-5 persons) and agree on which terms they want to auction and what their maximum bid should be. 

After a preparatory phase, the auction begins in the sense of a classical auction (“Sold first, sold second, sold third”). Each group receives a fictitious sum of 1000 gold. The terms are offered for at least 10 gold. A raise must be made for at least 10 gold, with a visible lifting of the hand/shield/etc.

We finish with a reflection on the activity with the following questions:

  • What values did you list as the most important to you?  
  • What is the value that was the least important to you? Why?
  • Were there values that are important to you that you did not win? How did you feel about that?
  • Are you satisfied with your bidding? Does it reflect what you value in life?
  • Were there values in the auction that nobody was interested in buying? If so, why?
  • What do you see as the purpose of this activity?


  • Coins,
  • list of values.


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