Visual explorer


Introductory activity that helps participants to explore themselves creatively while showing the importance of powerful questions and presenting a bonding opportunity that invites participants to open up to each other.

It can even be used to introduce people’s views on a specific topic.



Young people (15 – 29 years). It can even be used when working with adults.


Minimum 45 minutes, but 1,5 hours is recommended for in-depth work.


Step 1 (4 min): We place pictures in the middle of the circle. The participants must choose an image that “calls them,” or we choose a theme and ask them to choose a picture that depicts that topic. They must keep the photo to themself and not show it to others.

Step 2 (3 min): We show participants a picture with different questions (either we project it or give a printed version). We ask them to choose 1-2 questions.

Step 3 (3 min): We divide the participants into smaller groups of 3 and a maximum of 4 participants. We use whichever method we prefer or ask them to divide themselves.

Step 4 (20 min): The groups now have 20 minutes to share the selected questions and must answer them – but every participant must answer from their perspective, describing their picture (which they still must not show to others).

SHORT BREAK if needed.

Step 5 (5 min): Participants get paper and pens. We ask them to individually write a list of personal wishes (minimum five and up to 10 wishes), which were stimulated/awakened by the selected picture from the previous step and the debates they had in groups.

Step 6 (10 min): When finished, participants share (at least 5) written wishes with each other, and the other participants try to guess which picture they chose at the beginning of the exercise.

Step 7 (5 min): At the end, everyone shows their chosen pictures and debates if they reflect the wish list they shared.


  • Paper,
  • pencils,
  • pictures,
  • questions (approximately 24 deep and intriguing questions).


Philippe Brasseur: The art of looking
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