Factors and Sources of Motivation


To tackle the issue of motivation and its sources, find out what motivates a person from the factors.



Youngsters aged 14+


At least 40 minutes.


There is a model about motivating factors (in the model called needs) if somebody has to perform a task. In the model, three factors are mentioned:

  1. Achievement (the achievement I can have, the challenge I can overgo during performing).
  2. Company (in the model: affiliation): people who are motivated by the company retain important colleagues with who they can perform the task.
  3. Impact: for people who consider impact important, it is the main point to leave an impact on the world/community around them). Everyone has a primary motivating factor, but no one has only and just one. The elements are mixed from person to person and from case to case.

First, there is a personality test to find out a person’s main driver. After the test, we can present some models to the participants. Then we tell them statements, one by one. We point to three angles of the room/space for the three factors, and people shall go towards the point of the factor they think is true for themselves regarding the factual statement.

After some statements, we can reflect on it.

Questions for reflection:

  • Do you agree with the result of the test? How did you feel when you filled the test in?
  • Are you surprised by sg on your test or the other people’s test?
  • What do you think about motivation? What motivates you? (besides these three factors)
  • Why did you choose a specific factor/angle of the room?
  • Do you agree with this model? What would you add to it (if so)?
  • Do you know people of the three types? How can you work with them/motivate them?

The task is excellent if there is a newly forming group, and we would like information on members῾motivation. It is helpful for group leaders and members as well. When working with new volunteers on a project, it is also helpful to have information on their motivation.



Theory: David McClelland; method: Judit Poto, Hungarian Scout Leader
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