How do You Make Yourself Look Small in the Long Term?


Identification of reasons that weaken self-esteem.

Creative engagement enables a new approach and a more intensive examination of the topic.



Teenagers and young adults


2-4 hours


According to the graduate psychologist Roland Kopp-Wichmann, in some cases, it is more beneficial to investigate how participants weaken their self-confidence rather than strengthen it.

Those who do not feel or behave with self-confidence do not have low self-confidence, but they weaken it regularly through permanent self-suggestion. Thoughts are formed, like:

  • “You just can’t do it!”
  • “You’ll fail miserably!”
  • “The others will laugh at you without mercy!”
  • “Who are you to think you can do that?”
  • “No one will like you if you do that.”

Such thoughts – since they come from the inside or the subconscious mind – are difficult to encounter, and they can discourage and demoralize you in the long run.

The problem is that they do not make people think of these negative thoughts. They come involuntarily, automatically and unintentionally. Therefore, many methods that suggest thinking the opposite are not helpful.

By making people aware of the negative influences, it is possible to consider the associated emotions rationally and to identify situations that are harmful to self-esteem in the future.

The method described here is counted among the so-called headstand methods. Here, the goal is not a positive desired result but a scenario that is as negative as possible. The solutions found to arrive at this negative scenario are simply turned around at the end of the method to find a way to improve.

This approach is chosen because it is easier for most people to seek and find an explanation for problems or negative things than to develop new ideas. The headstand method makes use of this characteristic. It generates fun and stimulates creativity without building up pressure to succeed. However, moderation and follow-up work are essential.


In small groups, participants collect examples of how to weaken their self-esteem intentionally and consciously.

They create a plot and shoot a short film of 3-5 minutes.

The form can be chosen at will. From documentary style to drama to comedy, anything is possible. The movies are shown in plenary and then analyzed.


  • Smart phones,
  • papers,
  • pens/markers.


Roland Kopp-Wichmann
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