The Game of Life


Reflection on the fact the road to fulfilling oneself’s life dreams or goals in any part of life is anything but linear (ex. career).


TARGET GROUP: Teens/Young Adults

TIME NEEDED: ~30 minutes

(Before the game, ask and define what resilience is with questions and an example of a situation where someone was or wasn’t resilient – which one is better?)

Design a board game to illustrate one of your life dreams.

  1. First, add a big life goal in the FINISH spot.
  2. Add a short-term goal to each space outlined in orange. Your short-term goals should be steps that help you reach your long-term goal.
  3. Add obstacles to the other squares with instructions like “Go back one square” or “Return to START.” You can leave some spaces blank or colour them in.
  4. Find player pieces (or use pennies) and dice from another game, and play your game with a friend. Can you reach your goal?
  5. Reflect on connections between the game and real-life goal-reaching. How did you feel when you had to take a step back in game vs in life? What’s the difference? Which one is easier for you?


  • Board Game Template for each participant
  • Player pieces for Board Games and dice
  • Pens, Markers, Colours


Darri Stephens
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