What Does Success Mean?


Demystifying and making success tangible, recognising and setting goals in life, becoming aware of what success means, recognising when success has been achieved, expanding the field of vision (experiencing different views), and comparing with other beliefs.



Teenagers and young adults


2-4 hours


There is an intensive examination of personal ideas about success. The focus is on visualising these aspects and how they can be simply presented to the audience. The small group has to agree on scenes, try out camera work and cut the shots.

Finally, the result is compared to the videos of the other groups. Participants act as both interviewer and participant and deal with foreign success ideas. The focus is on finding suitable interview partners- and capturing their attitudes to the topic.

The small group has to agree on questions, lead the camera and cut the shots. Finally, the group itself takes a stand on the statements received.


Small groups (approx. five persons) are formed. Each group creates a detailed mind map for itself on the topic of success.

With this mind map as a basis, the young people develop a plot for a YouTube clip in which success is presented in small situations according to their definition. The clip is shown to the other small groups, and parallels and differences between the films and views are analysed.

Furthermore, each group thinks about a setting in which they can get to the bottom of the question of what success means for others. This includes aspects like:

  • Whose answers am I most interested in?
  • Which groups of people do I want to ask?
  • Whose answers will probably differ the most?
  • Where can I meet these people?
  • What preliminary questions or words shall I choose to gain more meaningful answers? Etc.

After thorough preliminary planning, the survey is carried out. The recorded sequences are cut together. To conclude the video, a 1-minute sequence is added in which the participants analyse the answers and tell whether the answers were given as expected.


  • Smartphones or video equipment,
  • computers,
  • paper,
  • pens/markers.


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