Role Play Game


In which roles do we feel more comfortable/efficient?





5 days


First, we have to prepare a 5-day long project (or an even longer one) of role play game and give students the free space to choose the roles they would like most to enrol.

Then, students will get into an environment where they have to collaborate to complete some tasks. During this process, they have the right to change their role only once as they might be more comfortable with the new position.

A proposal for such positions would be Counselor, Leader, Doer (and any other role students propose). After the whole experience and completing each task, they reflect on each other.

Before the project: Write a main storyline that would be compatible with the participants and set some goals/tasks.

First day: Think of the roles you would like to include in this game (why?). Alternate the storyline with the inclusion of these roles.

Second day: Show youngsters their first task and make them feel like a team. Some tasks should be for the whole team, and others for some roles only. Reflection.

Third day: Keep their attention on new tasks you feel they should work for. You have to observe their progress and mind their needs/difficulties to adjust the tasks. Reflection.

Fourth day: Give them their last tasks. Some have to be competitive, and they should divide their team into two different ones. Reflection.

Last day: General reflection, feelings.

  • NOTE 1: This game might also be played through a DND game (Dungeons and dragons) but can also be played through a video game that includes a variety of roles students would like to explore. Game learning, especially video games, always seem more attractive to most youngsters.
  • NOTE 2: I would say that the real challenge would be to choose a popular video game and make students think about it differently (e.g. GTA).


We should create a book/storyline of some tasks that best suit the interests of the participants to make it more appealing to them. Then maybe lead them to an environment that provides a better atmosphere to the concept of the storyline.


Loukas Katsantonis
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