Building my Personal Brand


Participants understand the concept of personal brand and try to draft their own. They learn the essential elements of a personal brand to put into a CV, personal portfolio or job interview.



Teenagers and young adults


2 hours

Silent Floor (40 minutes)

Six posters on the floor. A keyword or question was written in the middle of every poster:

  • My values
  • My hope for the better world
  • My qualities
  • What can I contribute to others?
  • How can I contribute to others?
  • My most beloved colour, image, music, book

Posters are introduced to participants (5’)

Participants silently walk around the room and contribute their answers to the posters. In the meantime, they read the contributions of others. (20′)

Short debriefing about each poster (15’)

What is a personal brand? (15 minutes)

Presentation. Main elements:

  • What is a brand? More than a logo!
  • Brand is about values, about “user experience”.
  • What kind of “user experience” would I like to provide as a worker to my employers, customers, etc.?
  • What do I want they would say about me?

Find elements of your brand  (20 minutes)

Revisiting posters and using your notebook, put down elements from every poster that resonate with you the most.

Simulation of a job interview  (45 minutes)

Work in trios: employer, employee and observer.

Situations are given in advance. Possible situations:

  • Teacher in primary school.
  • Leader of a local student club.
  • Shift leader in a grocery store.

The employer prepares questions, the employee prepares answers, and observers meet with one trainer to define the parameters of observation. (15′)

Simulation of a job interview (20′)

Debriefing (10’)

Possible other activities:

  • Writing a draft CV.
  • Shooting a short video with your presentation (1 minute).


  • Posters,
  • Papers,
  • pens/markers.


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